Save or Bookmark Instagram Photos

First when Instagram was launched in IOS operating system in 2010. It was a new and different concept as a social media but it not only works for IOS they also launched it for Android user.   Not only people liked it, but they also love it because Instagram user are exceeding day by day now on April 2017 they have 700 million users by now.

There was a time when different apps were introduced to save the picture from Instagram. People were introducing the different method for saving a picture. But now recently Instagram updates it features. And by far now these features are awesome in use.


Saving /bookmark:

A new feature that Instagram just launched it allows you to save or bookmark photos/videos. Let talk about saving pictures/videos and making the bookmark on your account. On opening Instagram, we can see this new icon under the pictures/videos on the right side is a little bookmark icon. So when we tap that it will show a little preview of the image/video and then it will slide down into our profile.

Where to view saved /bookmark picture:

The picture/video we saved or bookmark, saved into our account just click on profile icon in the tab bar it also contains bookmark icon in it now. We can also tap these picture to unsaved them it will not only help us to save the picture but also save any advertisement. As we all are well aware of that Instagram pictures are private so we only can see them we can’t download it. Only you can see what you have saved so this is the kinda cool feature. Not only if you by mistake unsaved any picture or video you can get it back from Archive(Clock like the tab) with our username.  Let’s wait when Instagram was going to introduce its new feature in its update. Hope for the best as its one of the best social media platform used by millions of people.